Safari Party – Cake Toppers



Features And Benefits

☛Perfect for birthday, baby shower, graduation, family dinner and various occasions.
☛PLEASE DO NOT PLACE IN OVEN. These cupcake toppers are for decoration purposes only, not edible.
☛These cupcake toppers will seamlessly coordinate with our other jungle safari animals theme party supplies.
☛Vivid color without fading. All products are completely safe for kids and adults.

Package included

4 x Elephant Cupcake Toppers 1.8” x 2”(4.5cm x 5cm)
4 x Lion Cupcake Toppers 1.6” x 2”(4.1cm x 5cm)
4 x Monkey Cupcake Toppers 1.5” x 2”(3.9cm x 5cm)
4 x Tiger Cupcake Toppers 1.3” x 2”(3.4cm x 5cm)
4 x Giraffe Cupcake Toppers 1.4” x 2.4”(3.6cm x 6cm)
4 x Zebra Cupcake Toppers 1.7” x 2”(4.4cm x 5cm)
4 x Hippopotamus Cupcake Toppers 1.2” x 2”(3cm x 5cm)

Additional information

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