Frosty & Eugene the Llamas

Our fluffy dynamic duo are the epitome of quirky personalities.Whether they are imitating other animals or bounding across the property it is always an experience. Quite a sight to see a llama hopping like a rabbit towards you, while the other follows spinning in circles like he is trying to win a rodeo buckle.

Simon Photo

Simon the Goose

Brought to us as gosling, Simon had a broken wing and needed a safe home, which we happily provided. He is all grown up now and his honks can be heard from across the park to greet each new day.

Goat Sample

Yakima III the Goat

Just like his father and grandfather before him Yakima serves as our resident billy goat. While gruff and stoic on the outside he is about as soft as they get, especially when his favorite snacks get broken out.

Baby Goats

Ozzy, Murphey & Ringo the Mini Goats

The original parkour artists of the farm, these three and their fellow goats will climb and jump off of anything in site. Rocks, tires other goats all that matters who can be the tallest in their own version of king of the hill. All in good fun though as they are always cuddled up with one another under the heat lamps when the nights get cold.

Emu Sample

Lucy the Emu

Lucy has been a staple of the Old Mac family for almost 20 years now! While certainly convinced otherwise, our large feathered friend is in fact not a duck. That has not stopped her though from keeping our ducks and chickens safe from any predators that might be sneaking around after the sun goes down. She also has learned to strike the perfect pose.

Opposum Photo

Frank the Opossum

Our elusive little night friend. Frank tries to keep the woods and property safe from all those nasty mosquitos and ticks on top of the occasional garbage raid. As you can also tell Frank hates pictures!

Christmas Elsie

Elsie the Cow

What farm is complete without a beautiful cow like Elsie. A resounding moo echoing through the park is always a sure sign it’s dinner time for everyone. The lady she is though you are often thanked with a lick across the cheek each time. While unfortunately she is no longer with us, her festive cheer will always be remembered.

Young Rocky

Rocky the Donkey

He is all grown up now, but is as stubborn as the expressions say. Rocky is the hardest of our friends to turn around when he sets his mind on something, whether its that tasty bale of alfalfa across the park or his best buddy in the duck pond. It’s a good thing he is easily bribed with some of his favorite treats.

Turtle Eating Watermelon

Bonnie & Clyde the Tortoises

You’d be surprised how quick these two can move when they see their favorite red and green treat coming around the corner. Makes you wonder if something was placed on the other side of the finish line with his race with the hare.

Black and White Bunny

Oreo the Rabbit

Our little family of rabbits grows…well frankly like rabbits. Rife with energy and bouncing joy these little guys are some of our favorite little characters, with a friendly little nose wiggle to greet you. Not to be outdone by the turtles though, they get a healthy helping of carrots and lettuce so they don’t get jealous of their brown shelled friends in the next pen over.